Turkish Company Establishment & Running Services


Residency Turkey provides turn-key solutions for your company establishment and all other aspects of running your company.

  1. We can appoint a lawyer to establish a Turkish Company on the type in compliance with your practice areas. Can be a limited liability of joint stock company.
  2. We can arrange meeting or conference calls with leading law firms, accountants and tax advisors for you
  3. We can arrange a virtual office for your company and a valid address for a year.
  4. We can arrange an accountant for you for a year which is compulsory.
  5. We can serve all these services as a package including the company establishment charges and services and plus one year full running expenses of the company including one year rent one-year accountant establishment charges and service fees.
  6. We can continue our services for the following years if you request.
  7. We serve secondment services and hire employees for you if you do not wish to hire them yourself .
  8. We can hire cars for your company on a monthly or yearly basis.
  9. We can hire a driver for you
  10. We can find a house or a hotel for you and your employees on monthly or yearly basis.
  11. We can find bigger offices in line with your development.