Buy Real Estate in Turkey


We help you purchase real estate in Turkey within the best circumstances under our guarantee and help you with every step before, during and after the sale transaction.

We help you find your dream home!

As Residency Turkey, we have exclusive agreements with reputable property development companies. Our portfolio consists of high quality properties within the most decent neighborhoods all around Turkey. All the properties we feature are from NEW FINISHED PROJECTS and we guarantee that the sale transactions will be completed with zero issues.

In addition, we can also provide real estate consultancy services, helping you find a profitable real estate which is not in our portfolio if necessary.

We provide independent expertise for the evaluation of the selected real estates by you. We also conduct a legal check for you for the secure purchase.

The sales agreement will be reviewed by our tax advisers and lawyers and we will be serving a total safe purchase platform.

We will also be helping you during the title deed transfer.

We also offer you real estate management services for your real estates in Turkey

As Residency Turkey, we can also provide assistance for after sale transactions such as rental, collection of rent and maintenance. In terms of rental assistance, we provide the following services:

  1. Finding a lessor
  2. Preparing a rental contract
  3. Managing the rental contract
  4. Collecting rentals
  5. Maintenance services
  6. Following the PAYMENT procedure with notifications etc. if rents are not paid
  7. Taking all required additional contracts to be on the safe side.
  8. Appoint a lawyer if required and take all legal measure,
  9. Find a purchaser if you want in any time.