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Now you can be a Turkish Citizen if you purchase an apartment or a shop in Turkey. The only requirement is that the total value of your purchases shall be more than $250,000.

New regulation in Turkey came in to force in October 2018

With a purchase of real estate in the amount of at least $250,000 will make you, your wife/husband and all your children under the age of 18 become a Turkish Citizen automatically without any language exam, or any other residency requirement. Most countries require a language proficiency certificate or 5 years of residency to be eligible for citizenship but this is not the case for Turkey.

Together with obtaining your citizenship, owning a quality property in Turkey can be a good investment opportunity with profitable rental income.

Residency Turkey helps you find a profitable real estate and serves you the best 10 law firms in Turkey experienced in legal services for citizenship, real estate check (due diligence), sales agreements and transactions.

All the expertise of the real estates are prepared by lawyers and certified experts. The valuation and the legal statutes of the real estate will be reported by independent experts before and during your purchase.

We also serve you various high quality realty projects!

As Residency Turkey, we also offer real estate opportunities within our property developer partners which are checked and completely safe. All the projects we offer are completed and have zero legal issues such as municipality issues or land registry.


All the aspects of your citizenship procedure will be arranged by our company on a turn-key basis and followed by experienced lawyers.


1- Finding a secure and profitable real estate in Turkey.

  • The Turkish Government gives you and your family the citizenship opportunity if you purchase a real estate from Turkey. But this real estate shall be in the amount of 250.000USD and an impended certified expert shall make an evaluation for this real estate. We prepare this evaluation report for you before you purchase your property.
  • There should not be any mortgage, hypo take or any encumbrance on the real estate. We create an appraisal report and warrant it for you before you purchase.
  • The realty project shall be completed and approved by the municipality and the actual shape of the real estate shall be the same as in the proposed marketing materials. We create an appraisal report and warrant it for you.
  • The other important aspect is the secure title deed transfer. We accompany you during this process together with our partner lawyers to check each step for the ownership of the property and make citizenship declaration in the land registry.
  • We also provide rental and maintenance services for your newly owned real estate as per your demand.

2- Collection of the citizenship documents and appointment

  • We are working with top 10 law firms in Turkey. They collect all the documents with you and your family. We also attend the interview for you and complete the procedure on a turn-key basis.
  • The lawyers check all the sales agreements, join us during the transfer date and visit all governmental bodies and finalize the procedure for you. All these legal services are warranted by Residency Turkey.

3- After sales services

  • Residency Turkey also provides real estate consultancy services to rent your apartment, rent collection, maintenance or any other agreements.
  • In order to gain profit from you property, you can sell it after 3 years. As per your request, we also provide assistance for you to sell your property at the best market price.


You can also obtain Turkish citizenship by depositing $500,000 to any bank operating in Turkey. We follow all the procedure for you with our lawyers.